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We'll need info about the job you're applying for, like title and requirements, to use in the cover letter and match with your skills and experience..

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Provide your personal information and what you want to display. You can write your first and last name, email address, phone number, or postal address.

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To further customize your cover letter, mention your previous work experiences and highlight the skills you have acquired and developed.

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Your cover letter is ready! You just need to choose the style of your letter. Original, professional, or minimalist, select the design that suits you.

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Frequent questions

AltResume answers all your questions about AI-powered automatic generation of cover letters

How to write a cover letter quickly?

Creating a powerful cover letter is often a time-consuming task. To solve this problem, the platform AltResume offers an AI-driven cover letter writing service that generates personalized letters for each of your applications in just a few clicks!

Is it necessary to custom a cover letter?

When applying for a job in France, it is highly recommended to customize your CV and cover letter according to the company you want to work for. The AltResume platform offers a service to easily personalize your cover letters.

Is it possible to apply without a cover letter?

Yes, you can certainly apply for job openings with just your CV or your LinkedIn profile. However, many French companies still request a cover letter to accompany applications. This allows companies to better filter out candidates who are genuinely interested in the position they are offering. Our online service enables you to create your personalized CV and cover letter in just a few minutes. Don't unnecessarily close doors for yourself!

How to showcase oneself in a cover letter?

Knowing how to highlight one's personality and professional experiences in a cover letter is a challenging task. Our AI-assisted cover letter generation service will save you time in your job search and help you find the right words to convince your future employer.

How to find inspiration to create a cover letter?

Creating a personalized cover letter for each application requires a lot of inspiration. It can be an easier or more challenging task depending on the companies and industries involved. Our platform, AltResume, offers an accompanying tool to help you write a compelling cover letter in less than 5 minutes. Try out our AI-assisted solution!